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Too much milk

During the early weeks of breastfeeding, it is normal for a mother’s breasts to produce more milk than her baby drinks. However, some mothers continue to experience an oversupply of breastmilk beyond the early weeks. It is important for an accurate diagnosis to be made when assisting mothers to manage an oversupply. This is because taking measures to manage an oversupply involves trying to reduce a mother’s supply. If a true oversupply is not present, a low milk supply can result.

Common signs and symptoms of an oversupply
• The baby often has larger than average weight gains.
• The baby often shows signs of lactose overload from drinking
large volume but lower fat concentration feeds such as:
• a copious output (such as one stool or more – often large and
loose – with every feed)
• being unsettled more than considered normal for the
baby’s age.
• Recurrent blocked ducts or mastitis.
• Chronic breast pain.
• Rapidly filling breasts or breasts which never feel drained.
• A forceful milk ejection reflex causing the baby to:
• cough and splutter
• cry, fuss or push away from the breast
• make a clicking sound.

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Too Much Milk